Sky Mirror

IMG_6979 (2)

These are some photos I took of the ‘Sky Mirror’ by artist Anish Kapoor! It’s a fascinating thing and I spent ages messing around with angles and perspective…

IMG_6972 (2)

This one has the glare of the sun in the reflection and it bloody hurt my eye to look through my Canon’s viewfinder, so I kind of pointed it and hoped for the best!

IMG_6981 (3).JPG

I like this one because it’s just like a big blue circle with only one fluffy cloud near the top. I always enjoyed looking at the sky and to see it reflected at head height really gave me the opportunity to experience my childlike wonder at the beautiful sky.


This one does just focus on the reflection in the massive mirror, giving it a trippy, upside-downy view of a pointy building and some clouds.


From the side everything just seemed to bend and elongate, stretching out the reflected world in an almost painful way.

This sculpture did indeed keep me occupied for many minutes, and I will have to keep coming back to bother the poor thing and take more photos 🙂