A Longer Age


The bare bones of winter
Fanned to the Heavens,
Tethered to the soul of the Earth.

Scored when held
The marks of age
And of wisdom.

To breathe is natural,
To see with eyeless circles
Natural still.

Appendages shed,
To nestle the cold
And wait for lofty sun.

A lone auburn
Lonely russet
Solitary silence at its simplest.

To listen, takes an age,
To learn, even longer,
For this, they stand and wait.

Burst to new existence,
At the break of Warm Day
With more life, fanned to the Heavens

Look now with no mystery
But nothing is learned
And to nothing listened.

The solitary solitude
Ripe with gleaming colour
Fulfilling sustainment.

In return we fan the flames.
Starve the famine.
Callously neglect.

They know the soul of the Earth
So why the need
For needless unheeding?

Will it simply take a Longer Age?
To this we do not know.
But look to empty Pandora’s Jar.



Originally submitted to Copper Staple

Discovering The Camera ~ Alex Marlowe

So… for my first ever blog post I am reblogging a submission I made to the Copper Staple – it’s a fantastic site where anyone can write about anything and have it shared and published! This ‘essay’ details my feelings on photography and my established interest in the subject. Currently I only take pictures on my phone (and a borrowed film camera!) but am saving up for a Canon EOS 5D 12.8 … Until then and after then, I will be posting pictures and thoughts taken from my variety of cameras and hope the blogging world enjoys them 🙂