The Now Sung Song

I took a photo of this pretty blue flower against the harsh rocks and hedge firstly (and most importantly) because I quite liked it, but also because it struck me that amidst the plain green and grey, a strong blue flower stood up. It might be a weed, but still for some reason, it helped to remind me that even in unsavoury circumstances we can all thrive.

I then remembered a poem I wrote and sent in to the Copper Staple, and felt on some level a correlation between the two…

The Now Sung Song

Tell me why, tell me why,
In this frightful delight,
Do you mutter and you stutter
At this wonderful sight?

She speaks, so she speaks,
‘Gainst the keeper of the key
With his circlet of gold
Of which he trapped she.

So before, so before,
Was it such a long chore,
Chip away, chip away
At her gorgeous demure.

But the eyes, but the eyes,
See how they’re alight?
Kindling a flame
Of such emerald green might.

Suppose you did not
And suppose she could not
Express the saintly storm;
Of the tide that had turned
Of your ship she had burned,
Then would there be reason to mourn?

Of course she did not
And of course she would not
Have reason, moral or fate,
To live for this life
And live in this life,
And burst the seams of hate.

How did she, how did she,
With dampening spirit,
Make such a triumph
From your ill-fated visit?

Do you know, do you know
It was you all along?
Depression and oppression
Lead to a new song.

Did you think, did you think,
With a sabre-like tongue,
You would cut her so deep
She could never have sung?

But sing for us all
With emblazoned glory,
For silence and then wrath
Make for such a good story.

Words and image Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe

Nature Prevails

I find it comforting to know that when we are inevitably extinguished from the Earth (no time soon thankfully), Nature will find a way to reclaim itself.

I found this dead tree stump, no doubt caused by some council workers removing an unruly tree whose position and branches were causing some innate difficulty at my local Arboretum. Even in the death of one facet of Nature, in the face of man made destruction, Nature prevails. You can see fungi growing around the base, moss creeping its way atop the stump’s back all in some sort of beautifully natural embalming process.

For all we fell trees to make way for infrastructure, clear acres of land for our own self gain and poison the atmosphere with no concern – Nature prevails. When our presence as human beings ceases to exist on Earth, the immortal patience of Nature will oversee growth and new life.

Take comfort in the fact that in spite of it all, Nature prevails.