A well intended notice perhaps, but isn’t it a little sad how we have to keep humans away in order to preserve some simple land?

Just beyond this notice was a fairytale-esque area of forbidden haven…

IMG_6671 (2).JPG

I’m sure the animals will take good care of it.







Sky Mirror

IMG_6979 (2)

These are some photos I took of the ‘Sky Mirror’ by artist Anish Kapoor! It’s a fascinating thing and I spent ages messing around with angles and perspective…

IMG_6972 (2)

This one has the glare of the sun in the reflection and it bloody hurt my eye to look through my Canon’s viewfinder, so I kind of pointed it and hoped for the best!

IMG_6981 (3).JPG

I like this one because it’s just like a big blue circle with only one fluffy cloud near the top. I always enjoyed looking at the sky and to see it reflected at head height really gave me the opportunity to experience my childlike wonder at the beautiful sky.


This one does just focus on the reflection in the massive mirror, giving it a trippy, upside-downy view of a pointy building and some clouds.


From the side everything just seemed to bend and elongate, stretching out the reflected world in an almost painful way.

This sculpture did indeed keep me occupied for many minutes, and I will have to keep coming back to bother the poor thing and take more photos 🙂
























The Path

Come lovely and soothing death, Undulate round the world, serenely arriving, arriving, on the day, in the night, to all, to each, Sooner or later, delicate death’

Walt Whitman: ‘The Lessons of Grief’

The girl with no name ran as fast as she could. The never-ending, uneven stone path had made her fall, not registering any pain, she picked herself up and set off running again. She did not know why she was running. Was she running to something or, perhaps, away from something?

Her flowing chestnut hair matched the rustling leaves of the trees surrounding The Path. The continuous lines of trees either side formed a neat canopy; informing her there was only one way… Forwards. She had not realised that despite her arduous trek for what seemed like miles, not a bead of sweat escaped her pores, and her lungs were never starved of oxygen during her panic ridden journey. Oblivious to this unsettling fact, she pressed forwards, her eyes darting about to try and make sense of the scenery. Luminous green moss crept around the edges of the stone Path. She noticed bulges and imperfections in this trail, pushing the stones upwards and providing a very unstable running ground. She thought how much they resembled tumours, and it seemed that every so often they pulsed ominously, looking as though they were filled with some unexplainable substance.

Finally she stopped running, not from exhaustion, but from the need to collect her thoughts. The panic that fiercely coursed through her arms and legs stopped, and she stood still, cradling her elbows in her hands. Having become desensitised to her new environment’s scary unfamiliarity, she began to see the gloomy beauty of The Path. It was dimly lit, with the overhanging trees just managing to let some golden sunshine pierce through. The ominous bulges now looked completely harmless, in fact they provided some nice deviation to the otherwise plain pathway. At once everything just seemed to revolve into place and the fog that had clouded her mind was lifted and she allowed herself to think.

From the corner of her eye she saw a subtle movement. Suspicion furrowed her brow and she looked down the gentle slope of where she had just been running. The trees were still holding that golden light at bay, there was still the uneven Path but she was sure that one of the bulges had deflated; where had the substance gone? She caught herself and asserted that this was an impossible thought, and yet she knew that nothing here had to make sense.

The Path just is.

From the moment she had arrived (which was a memory she found totally inaccessible), she felt somewhat… lighter. At first scared, but underneath, unburdened. She used to suffer from terrible nightmares when she was a girl, restlessly tossing and turning underneath the covers. When slumber did hit her, it was fraught with the evil grins of vampires and creatures with hidden faces chasing her. As the monster got her, or she closed her eyes so tightly she woke up, tears would fall and cries would escape. Her mother’s kind and soothing presence would normally make her sobs subside as she had prepared herself nightly to rush into her daughter’s bedroom. She was also a keen player of video games and her mother, familiar with the controls and workings of the console, one night taught her a technique she still uses if the now rare nightmares ever returned.

“Imagine, in your dream you have your controller in your hand. Think about its texture, the cool hard plastic, the two joysticks and the buttons. You know the ‘pause’ button? Go ahead and press it while a baddie’s coming after you. Pause the dream and it will pause, scroll down to ‘quit’ and the dream will quit. You have total control over your nightmares, sweetheart.”

Her mother’s advice which she remembers so clearly now worked a treat and eventually, she progressed to using some more advanced controls to fight back or enter a new dream world. Right now she would love nothing more than to quit this nightmare.

With absolutely nothing to lose, she closed her eyes and held both her hands out. As she had done many times before, she brought to mind the dream controller, the familiar hard plastic gripped tightly. She pressed pause. Scrolled to ‘quit’. Pressed ‘select’.

Then she felt something change. Some gentle heat on face, working its way down her arms and to her legs. She felt herself becoming lighter and behind her closed her eyelids she could see gold. Opening her eyes she saw the path disappearing underneath her. The canopy of trees had opened and stood upright, and as she rose higher, it seemed as if they were saluting her.

Compassion, tenacity, creativity. Qualities she had displayed on the path which had allowed her to overcome whatever obstacles she had faced.

And then there was peace. Sweet warmth and comfort, wrapped up in safety like a baby in a blanket. She wept, mostly out of relief but seasoned with sadness as she realised what had happened to her, why she had found herself on the path. This feeling dissolved almost as quickly as it had appeared as she felt completely at peace. Then as Sophie Larkwell drifted, somewhere another lump bulged in the path, filled with her soul, returned there for the moment, when at some time in who-knows when, the lump deflates and has another chance at the game called Life.

Image and words Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe

A Longer Age


The bare bones of winter
Fanned to the Heavens,
Tethered to the soul of the Earth.

Scored when held
The marks of age
And of wisdom.

To breathe is natural,
To see with eyeless circles
Natural still.

Appendages shed,
To nestle the cold
And wait for lofty sun.

A lone auburn
Lonely russet
Solitary silence at its simplest.

To listen, takes an age,
To learn, even longer,
For this, they stand and wait.

Burst to new existence,
At the break of Warm Day
With more life, fanned to the Heavens

Look now with no mystery
But nothing is learned
And to nothing listened.

The solitary solitude
Ripe with gleaming colour
Fulfilling sustainment.

In return we fan the flames.
Starve the famine.
Callously neglect.

They know the soul of the Earth
So why the need
For needless unheeding?

Will it simply take a Longer Age?
To this we do not know.
But look to empty Pandora’s Jar.



Originally submitted to Copper Staple

Revealing Simplicity

A brandished cobalt,
Honeyed centre,
Glistening with sky tears
Saturated, tender.

Streaks coloured darkly,
Held in reaching,
Confident and smiling
Charming, beseeching.

A tiny creature
Sat sublimely,
Lavishing and grasping
Captivating, timely.

Quick serenity,
Timeless silence,
Iris reveals
Vibrancy, guidance.



Image taken on my new camera… the wonderful Canon EOS 5D 12.8 with a 50mm EF Lens

The Now Sung Song

I took a photo of this pretty blue flower against the harsh rocks and hedge firstly (and most importantly) because I quite liked it, but also because it struck me that amidst the plain green and grey, a strong blue flower stood up. It might be a weed, but still for some reason, it helped to remind me that even in unsavoury circumstances we can all thrive.

I then remembered a poem I wrote and sent in to the Copper Staple, and felt on some level a correlation between the two…

The Now Sung Song

Tell me why, tell me why,
In this frightful delight,
Do you mutter and you stutter
At this wonderful sight?

She speaks, so she speaks,
‘Gainst the keeper of the key
With his circlet of gold
Of which he trapped she.

So before, so before,
Was it such a long chore,
Chip away, chip away
At her gorgeous demure.

But the eyes, but the eyes,
See how they’re alight?
Kindling a flame
Of such emerald green might.

Suppose you did not
And suppose she could not
Express the saintly storm;
Of the tide that had turned
Of your ship she had burned,
Then would there be reason to mourn?

Of course she did not
And of course she would not
Have reason, moral or fate,
To live for this life
And live in this life,
And burst the seams of hate.

How did she, how did she,
With dampening spirit,
Make such a triumph
From your ill-fated visit?

Do you know, do you know
It was you all along?
Depression and oppression
Lead to a new song.

Did you think, did you think,
With a sabre-like tongue,
You would cut her so deep
She could never have sung?

But sing for us all
With emblazoned glory,
For silence and then wrath
Make for such a good story.

Words and image Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe

Nature Prevails

I find it comforting to know that when we are inevitably extinguished from the Earth (no time soon thankfully), Nature will find a way to reclaim itself.

I found this dead tree stump, no doubt caused by some council workers removing an unruly tree whose position and branches were causing some innate difficulty at my local Arboretum. Even in the death of one facet of Nature, in the face of man made destruction, Nature prevails. You can see fungi growing around the base, moss creeping its way atop the stump’s back all in some sort of beautifully natural embalming process.

For all we fell trees to make way for infrastructure, clear acres of land for our own self gain and poison the atmosphere with no concern – Nature prevails. When our presence as human beings ceases to exist on Earth, the immortal patience of Nature will oversee growth and new life.

Take comfort in the fact that in spite of it all, Nature prevails.



Aah, I do love a good pun, but the ethos of this message is perfectly reasonable and not at all as hilarious as my pun.

Too often we find ourselves stuck in a discontented mindset and can see no way out. It seems that when something upsets our balance, we are temporarily destined to be grumpy until we are either given sufficient time to recover, or something simply cheers us up. Most of the time this works out fine, but simply put: our unhappiness is a result of our own reactions. I choose not to care when someone tries to upset me or cause me tension. It registers somewhere but I realise that I am in control of my own mind; if I switched to unhappy so quickly, why can’t I do the opposite just as easily? With practise, I am sure I will be adept at applying this quick switch to happiness, but for the moment, at least I can: ‘not care’, and fairly quickly ‘switch to happiness’.

This seems very idealistic and of course I realise that this will not work for everyone, but it is a handy exercise that helps me to always (generally) be happy. Just as quickly as you register the jolly bee on a passion flower, try and make that switch to happiness. It is your mind, you are in control. The negative mood contributes nothing healthy so simply choose not to suffer.

Be happy. 

Discovering The Camera ~ Alex Marlowe

So… for my first ever blog post I am reblogging a submission I made to the Copper Staple – it’s a fantastic site where anyone can write about anything and have it shared and published! This ‘essay’ details my feelings on photography and my established interest in the subject. Currently I only take pictures on my phone (and a borrowed film camera!) but am saving up for a Canon EOS 5D 12.8 … Until then and after then, I will be posting pictures and thoughts taken from my variety of cameras and hope the blogging world enjoys them 🙂